energy artist

Yoko Morishita

The harmony that occurs when colors overlap on a canvas. This is one of the things that Yoko Morishita
values in her creative work. People hide their minds with many layers. When you peel away those layers
one by one, you can see the “love” that was deep inside. She is trying to express this love. She tells us
that human beings are beings of love. She wants people to not underestimate themselves and to be
able to put their heart into what they really want to do. Please enjoy her works with her wish in mind.
You will surely feel the love, passion, and freedom.

キャンバスの上に色と色が 重なることで生じるハーモニー。

森下 陽子


Yoko Morishita is a energy artist of pictures and words. She started her career as a designer and illustrator. Through bereavement with her
fiance’ , marriage, childbirth, and child rearing, she realized that she had closed herself off from her potential because she had to fulfill her role
in society. As she pursues what her soul desires,she awakens to a spiritual way of life and her mission.
Through her works, she continues to
ask women living in Japan’s oppressive society,
“What is your own way of life?”